Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Nan's 91st

Wow it's done! My Nan's birthday gift is finished and it looks fab. It has taken a month to do. It's all hand stitched. I have enjoyed every minute of making this. I will be very sad to give it away. But I can't wait to give it to my Nan. Like all the things I make it gives me a glow inside to think they will be very much loved in their new home. 

I had to stitch 35 patches. 

But as for this lady I did one pattern over two of the patches 

To say at first I thought I had taken on too much would be an understatement.  

But as I started and when on I was thinking maybe I didn't have enough patches for all the things I wanted to put on it. I kind of stitched itself really. There are a lot of patches but I had so many ideas of what to put in them. A lot of what I liked didn't get to go on. 

My Nan loves animals. But most of all cats, so I did get this cat on and he looks fab with the tie dyed cotton. 

I love sunflowers so this one is a little part of me. 

I like this one its a mini patch work .  

After all the work I have put in to this I will miss it. But Nan will love it and keep it for ever. 

God Bless 

Susan  x x

Monday, 19 January 2015

Business update

Sorry its been so long since my last post. It was a hard year last year and I needed to sit down and think what to do next. I have been having a great time running my own business. But its time to have a plan of what to do from here. I love to hand stitch and cross stitch is what I love best. I have been teaching a friend how to do it over the summer and how to make it in to something great when its finished. This I think would be a good road to try and see what happens. So I'm going to start classes
in the next few months.

Let me know what you think? Or if you would like to join me. 

God Bless 

Susan x 


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Happy Christmas

Well its that time of year again. I've been busy this week making lots of different things. The first thing I was asked to make this week was a turkey. Our house group is doing a play this Sunday in church.  Our house group leader told me to make it pink. So here it is. I only had this pink in my felt collection. I hope he likes it. 

I have to say I love it. It turned out much better then i thought it would. And in a strange way it looks super cute. 

Then yesterday my husband comes home and said he is going to be a king for another church play. So asked me to make him an crown. 

What fun I had making this. And what's more he loves it!

Then I get a phone call about an hour ago - would I make some brussels sprouts to go with the turkey. 

So here they are, all done and making my turkey looking even more cute!

So that's it for this week, and I'm sad to say this year. So it's... 

From me. Hope you have a good one whatever you do. 

I look forward to the new year very much and all the great things it  holds. 

God Bless Susan x